Pre-mature ejaculation

August 07, 2023

Pre-mature ejaculation

Can one control pre-mature ejaculations?

There are two phenomena that one must be familiar with in relation to male sexual arousal. The first event in the course of the arousal is the erection of the penis, which means that the penis (male external sexual organ) fills with blood and becomes straight, seemingly enlarging because of it. The next event is the contraction of the penile muscles causing semen (containing sperm) to be forced out of the tip. This action is called ejaculation and up to 5 spurts of semen can be ejaculated out during a single act of sexual stimulation.

The topic phenomenon discussed in this article is concerned with the act of ejaculation. Pre-mature ejaculation as the name suggests means early ejaculation. Here, early means ejaculation occurring within 1 to 3 minutes of penile penetration or simply before the patient wishes/feels ready.

Males experiencing premature ejaculations often suffer from a sense of distress or frustration which may make the individual want to avoid all forms of sexual intimacy. However, it is important to note that the condition is very common with 30-40% of people going through it at some point in their life. It is manageable and this article aims to reassure this.

How does one know that they are experiencing Pre-mature ejaculation?

 Many people may feel that they have early ejaculation, but occasional instances are perfectly normal and the criteria for premature ejaculation would not be met. In order for the diagnosis to be made, the following points must be present:

1. Ejaculation cannot be delayed beyond 3 minutes of penetration

2. This must be true for greater than or equal to 75% of the ejaculations the person experiences.

If this happens during masturbation, it is considered the same as penetration. The condition may be lifelong, persisting from the first sexual interaction, or acquired in the middle of one’s sexual life after a period of normal ejaculation.

What may be causing this condition?

It is said that a mix of emotional/psychological and biological factors play a role in the causation.

The emotional factors may be:

  •   Depression, stress
  • Guilt

  • -       

  • History of negative or traumatic sexual interaction
  • -        Unrealistic expectations from sex
  • -        Relationship problems.

While contributing biological factors may be:

-        Imbalance in hormone levels

-        Genetic causes (from genes passed down through parents)

-        Infection in the prostate or urethra (pipe through which semen passes)

What to do if you suspect you or a loved one experiences Pre-Mature ejaculation?

The most important step is to remember that the condition is common and manageable, but it requires consistency and patience. If you have a permanent partner, it would be beneficial to visit the doctor with your partner alongside you. Answer the questions asked by the doctor truthfully and commit yourself to getting better in a healthy way! Almost 90% of people get better with behavioral interventions and counseling. You might need to get some tests done to rule out any biological causes or take the necessary medication for management. 

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