Services provided by Marie Stopes International - by Anjila

March 05, 2024

Services provided by Marie Stopes International - by Anjila

Services provided by Marie Stopes International

Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, born in 1880, is a pioneer in the field of reproductive rights and contraceptive use. With her second husband, she successfully founded the first birth control clinic in Britain. What she initiated was incredibly controversial, but greatness often emerges from challenging norms. However, she was not a proponent of abortion, believing that contraception was sufficient for prevention. Despite her achievements, she held racist views, endorsing the racial superiority of Caucasians. The clinic she founded successfully provided services such as the cervical cap, spermicides, and information about coitus interruptus to its clients. Unfortunately, after her death, the clinic faced financial difficulties and was eventually taken over by the London-based international non-governmental organization established in her name, Marie Stopes International. In November 2020, MSI changed its name to MSI Reproductive Choices.

The organization is successful in providing contraception and safe abortion services in 37 countries around the world. The organization has centered its messaging on the freedom of choice and its importance in an individual’s life. A bold ambition to end unsafe abortion and make contraception accessible to everyone who wants it by 2030 has been set. The services provided include contraception, abortion, post-abortion care, maternal and child health services, and the list is shaped by the legal provisions and permissions available in the particular country where the service is available. The organizational branch in Australia has been successful in becoming the only national, independently accredited safe abortion, vasectomy, and contraception provider in the country.

MSI Nepal was founded over 20 years ago with the same aim as the founding organization: to assist individuals in making informed choices about sexual and reproductive health. A network of 30 centers, mobile outreach teams, and MS ladies work across the country to strengthen SRHR and the overall public health sector. The centers are located in safe, convenient, and easily accessible locations. The service providers ensure that client respect and confidentiality are at the forefront. The services provided by MSI Nepal fall under these major headings:

1. Contraception and family planning

2. Safe abortion and post-abortion

3. Maternal and child health services

4. General health services

5. Services for men

Contraception services include emergency contraception, which should be used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Distribution of male condoms, oral contraceptive pills, insertion and removal of intrauterine devices, injectable hormones, implants, along with some centers providing permanent methods such as tubal ligation and vasectomy.

Safe abortion and post-abortion services include pregnancy testing, medical abortion, surgical abortion, treatment of incomplete abortion, and post abortion care.

Maternal and child health services include Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) testing, ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis, gynecology consultation, cervical cancer screening, and antenatal (before delivery) care. Not all of these services might be available in the MSI center nearest to you, so it is advisable to contact the center via telephone to confirm the provision of services. With each technical service, there is also counseling by trained professionals regarding the condition, the procedure, its requirements, and aftercare.

Alongside the physically approachable MS clinics, there are other ways to access services, such as through MS ladies and outreach clinics. MS ladies are trained midwives or nurses providing family planning and contraceptives services in underserved and hard-to-reach areas. They are inhabitants of the localities in which they work. Along with counseling, they also provide referrals to higher centers. The mobile outreach services focus on providing Long-Acting Permanent Methods (LAPM), although short-term contraception methods are also provided. The outreach team comprises both experienced clinical and health promotion staff from local communities. There is also a call center, "Meri Saathi," which can be accessed by dialing 1143, made free to all NTC and Ncell users. A team of experienced and trained women counselors are ready to answer any queries or concerns to the best of their abilities.

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